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At Karekare, and the Wise Cicada cafe

Karekare BeKarekare beachach on Saturday’s sunny, blustery afternoon was splendid; the ocean a deep kingfisher blue, frantic white foam surging near the shore, a few hardy body boarders and just a narrow band of safety between the life guards. Matt and I walked at the edge of the incoming afternoon tide, with some caution. Last summer on such a day we were wading ankle deep when a harmless looking wavelet turned into a hip-high surge; if I hadn’t been able to clutch his taller, stronger young self the remorseless suction would have knocked me off balance and sucked me under; it was terrifying.

Just above the tide line a shaggy black and white dog – a bitch, actually – was digging a metre long shallow channel in the sand while her family was debating who would carry the picnic belongings back to the car. She stood back and watched while a shallow wave quietly surrounded and filled the channel. She turned herself in a circle a couple of times and set about digging another narrow channel as the debate above her continued. Presently another wave washed into her new channel as she stood watching, panting happily – she seemed to be grinning – then set about digging a third a little higher up the beach. Then her family set off and she danced across the burning sand behind them.

Later, Matt and I took Kitty to an early dinner at the vegan, organic Wise Cicada cafe. We all had the hot dish of the day ($12.50), a delicious potato and leek gratin with cashew cheese (for non-vegetarians: this is a non-dairy cashew cream). It was served with a side of crunchy, slightly bitter lettuce, and we each had a serving of mushroom and rice noodle salad in a light balsamic dressing ($3.90), all of which complemented the gratin. The meal suited the three of us very well indeed, from the healthy young grandson to the delicate digestion of the 90-year old. Kitty gave a couple of quiet contented murmurs during the meal – I’m sure I heard her purring – and finished with an organic coffee ($4.50) that she said was excellent.


Welcome to VegeCafesNZ

I am Dara McNaught and I have been intrigued to see the rapid growth in the number of vegetarian cafes around during recent years, and the number of options available now for eating out for the different kinds of vegetarians.

So I have made it my mission through my Guide to Vegetarian Cafes and my Facebook page to let people know of the many delicious choices available for healthy eating. I have just set this site up and will be making entries and adding pages about healthy tips and cafes I have visited.

My Guide is currently available through selected health food stores and through my facebook page.

I look forward to sharing my joy in good healthy tasty vegetarian food over the coming months so please visit again soon.