About the Guide

One of the de???????????????????????????????licious things about being vegetarian is the range of different foods available to us.

One of the tricky things about being vegetarian is where we can go to eat out and know our food is safe! – that it’s purely vegetarian and we can be certain it contains no meat, fish, poultry or any of their derivatives such as gelatine. For many of us, eggs are also regarded as animal products.

And of course if you are vegan (plant-based food only) or lacto vegetarian – that is, vegan with dairy products – you need to know that none of the cheeses or yoghurt or sour cream contains animal rennet or gelatine. The Guide lets you know where you can eat safely. Most vegetarian cafes offer gluten free options.

Non-vegetarians sometimes find our commitment hard to understand, but whether we choose to be vegetarian for ethical, humanitarian or spiritual reasons (or all three!), a little reflection will let anyone know why we have chosen this path.

The Guide to Vegetarian Dining Out in New Zealand/Aotearoa gives you details on the 60 cafes throughout the country that serve exclusively vegetarian and/or vegan food. It tells you whether they provide whole food, organic, kiwi-style, Indian, Thai/ Chinese/Asian, or gluten-free meals, and whether any of their food contains egg. The Guide also tells you where to find them, whether they have easy (wheelchair) access and full disability facilities, where to park, and the opening hours.

And since there are always new ones opening, and some closing, the Guide will be regularly updated and republished.

The Guides cost $10.95. Where to buy them? Stockists are listed here:

Whangarei   PutiPuti Ra Organics

Waiheke Island: Waiheke Organic Food

Auckland:    East West Organics, New Lynn

Tauranga:  Wild Earth Organics

Napier: The Wholefood Kitchen

Or you can buy them direct from me at $10.95 incl postage; just go to Buy the Guide on this site.


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