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Wise Cicada moves to Broadway

WiseCicadacafeThe Wise Cicada vegetarian organic cafe is settling into new premises at 88 Broadway in Newmarket.

We visited soon after the move. Access is tricky – down a driveway off the very busy Broadway road. We travelled from Parnell and from that direction here’s no street signage visible to indicate its location, which is on the left; it’s easier coming from the opposite direction from the Broadway/Khyber Pass junction as there’s a large colourful mural on the wall at the top of the driveway but you need to turn across traffic to enter.

The Wise Cicada advertises parking availability and there are 10 free parking spaces immediately outside the store; you’ll find it on the left at the foot of the sloping driveway. It was full on the day we visited so we carried on to the right and into the Wilson’s parking building.
WiseCicada instoreThe floorspace in the new store is much larger and has an underground bunker feel – not surprising as the only windows face out onto the parking area (beyond which are are railway lines).


Wise Cicada saladsThe menu is similar to the previous store – one hot dish and soup of the day, a hearty blackboard menu, and a goodly range of raw salads and splendid desserts. We were there for lunch and were surprised to find the very young counter staff unable to answer some basic questions about the content of some of the dishes. No doubt this will settle with familiarity.

The driveway access is awkward. If you have a choice, you may wish to take the train to Newmarket Station which is just a short walk along the main street.

The menu and other details are hereĀ The Wise Cicada