Burgers to relish at the Blue Bird

Blue Bird interiorThe Blue Bird Vegetarian Cafe in Dominion Road is hard to go past for a relaxing Saturday lunch after a hectic week. It has a tranquil atmosphere on both floors that lends it self to lingering conversations, and there’s a conversation pit with luxurious couches upstairs that invite you to do just that.

I was there with two of my nephews, both fit young men who enjoy healthy appetites. Usually I order from the cabinet and indeed there was a tempting hazelnut loaf along with some salads. However, this time we all opted to order from the blackboard menu, two of us for tofu burgers and one with a lentil burger ($13.50). Each of them came topped with a smooth, but not cloying, most acceptable peanut sauce, and a good side helping of Asian coleslaw; the latter provided a satisfyingly crisp balance. We all found our burgers to be good tasty fare that set us up nicely for our respective afternoon activities.

The staff at the Blue Bird are all of the Sri Chimnoy philosophy and their practice of harmony and balance is reflected in the cafe: the service is quietly attentive and helpful. While a few of the dishes use some eggs, it is mostly vegan-friendly, and gluten free options are always available.



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