Food is our medicine: Turmeric

Indian Turmeric Abstract“Medicines derived from plants have played a pivotal role in the health care of both ancient and modern cultures,” says the WHO. One of the prime sources of plant-derived medicines is spices. Turmeric, for example, has been consumed over the centuries around the world.

Turmeric is the dried powdered root stalks of the turmeric plant—a member of the ginger family—from which the orangey-yellow pigment curcumin can be extracted. The spice turmeric is what makes curry powder yellow, and curcumin is what makes turmeric yellow. Because it is so drying and heating in the body, turmeric needs to be used judiciously – one part turmeric to 6 parts cumin, fennel or especially coriander, which are cooling.

This article in Autumn Leaves explains why turmeric is important and when it can be beneficial.


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