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Latest news on food and healing

OrgNZ_July_CoverAnyone interested in good quality nutrition as the basic building block of our health will be aware of the value of organic food – even if we can’t always find, buy or grow it!

The NZ Soil & Health Association publishes a two-monthly magazine Organic NZ. It’s always worth a look – the latest issue includes features (among many others) on

* pesticides in our baby food (there are lots)

* updates on GE – what’s really happening now in our food chain and ¬†how it affects us

* beneficial foods to reduce the effects of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

* the crucial need for zinc in healing any wounds to our bodies – eat pumpkin seeds, everyone!

* a feature on the Wild Earth Organics shop and vegetarian cafe in Tauranga

* moon calendar for your garden

And a wonderful quote from the owners of IE Produce (50/50 organic and conventional groceries): “Many perceive eating organic food is expensive, and they can expect to pay maybe a third more, but they don’t realise it has a much better quality, high density nutritional content and they don’t need to eat so much of it.”

Once you join the Soil & Health Association, you automatically receive the magazine. Or you local library may have it, and if not, simply ask them to subscribe http://www.organicnz.org.nz